How COVID-19 affects our shipping

Dear Customers,

you might have noticed that our shipping prices have increased significant. The global corona virus outbreak heavily affects our logistics. Since mid March 2020 we are not able to ship parts with Thailand Post anymore. Due to the suspension of most commercial flights all shipping services are also ceased. Regular Airmail and EMS Express Service with Thailand Post was our only option to send big parts for a decent price.

Right now we can only send parts either with DHL or UPS ExpressBoth companies charge by volumetric weight instead of actual weight. This results in very high shipping costs as motorcycle carbon fairings are either very big or also come in long or wide shapes which require a big shipping box. For example a Front Fender in most cases weighs around 250 grams and requires a shipping box of (30 x 30 x 40 cm). Volumetric weigh of this shipping box is 7,2 kilo grams. Therefore, express courier services charge 7,2 kilograms shipment instead of just 250 grams. 


We are working hard one a solution and keep our hopes high that regular shipping is being resumed soon.


UPDATE 05.07.2020

Regular shipping with Thailand Post is still suspended. But we are able to send smaller orders with DHL Global Mail to some countries, including USA, Australia and most European countries. Shipping times can takes 3-6 weeks with this service. Shipping with DHL eCommerce is limited to the following regulations:

European Union: Shipping Box not exceed size of 60 cm all sides together 

USA, Australia and Canada: Shipping Box not exceed size of 90 cm all sides together.


Best Regards,

Your RPM Carbon Team